Lobo Brain Coral Care – Placement, Feeding, and Lighting

Lobo coral care

Lobo coral, also known by the names Lobophyllia or Lobed brain coral, make beautiful choices of coral for saltwater tanks. They have amazing color patterns and shapes that fit well in tanks. They are very unique looking which makes them a popular choice for saltwater tank enthusiasts. This post will help you learn how to … Read more

Torch Coral – Differences to Other Corals, Lighting, and Feeding

Torch Coral - Differences to Other Corals, Lighting, and Feeding

In this article, we’re going to be talking about a highly desirable large polyp stony coral (LPS), that I personally have a love-hate relationship with that being torched corals. The difference between torch coral and some other LPS corals, growth rate, colors, water parameters, lighting, and feeding this coral. What is the difference between torch … Read more

Why is My Hammer Coral Dying?

Why is My Hammer Coral Dying?

You’ve got your aquarium set up at home and have populated it with all kinds of life and color, but you’ve decided on one last thing to put the finishing touches: Hammer coral. You’ve done the dip test and it went fine, so your hammer coral goes in the tank. Fast-forward a couple of weeks … Read more

Reverse Space Monster Zoa Care, Feeding & Water Conditions

Reverse Space Monster Zoa care

Reverse Space Monster Zoas, or more correctly Palythoas, are species of button polyps popular among aquarists for their vibrant combination of neon green and purplish pink colors. They are one of the varieties of the Palythoa genus, and generally require very little care to keep healthy and thriving. Because of it, they are recommended to … Read more

ARC Fireworks Acropora: Care, Feeding, Water Conditions & Diseases

ARC Fireworks Acropora Care

ARC Fireworks may come in small packages, but these corals are not meant for beginners. From a specific feeding scenario and water levels to maintaining particular lighting parameters to achieve the best color quality, arc Fireworks should only be placed in the tank of an expert. Unlike many other Acropora hard corals, arc Fireworks are … Read more

Walt Disney Acropora Care

Walt Disney Acropora Care

A simple care guide for your Walt Disney Acropora tenuis If you are wondering how to take care of your Acropora coral, this article provides a simple care guide for you. Acropora can be difficult to take care of because of its sensitivity to the chemistry of the water. Even people who are more experienced … Read more

White Zombie Zoa Care

White Zombie Zoa Care

They are a type of live coral and are a zoanthid (zoa for short). They come in many shapes, sizes, and colors and are very popular for home aquariums as they are easy to take care of. They are popular with both beginner and experienced enthusiasts, who often make it their mission to find rare … Read more