Earmuff Wrasse Care, Diet, and Tank Mates

Earmuff Wrasse Fish Care

The Earmuff Wrasse isn’t a rare fish in the sea, but those who want one as a hobby might say something different. This is because almost everyone with an aquarium wants an Earmuff Wrasse and when the aquarium shops get them in they usually sell out incredibly fast. Only a select few hobbyists are lucky … Read more

Pygmy Red Rooster Waspfish Care

Pygmy red rooster waspfish care

What are pygmy red rooster waspfish? Pygmy red rooster waspfish are brightly colored red fish which are on the small side (hence their name). Commonly enthusiasts find that they reach a size of two inches, but that they have the appetite of much larger fish!  They are masters of camouflage. So, if you were looking … Read more

Best Smallest Tang Fish You Can Put in Your Tank

Small tang fish species

What are tang fish? Tang fish, also known as sturgeon fish, originates from the Indo-Pacific ocean and are a type of saltwater fish. They are very popular with saltwater enthusiasts and aquarium lovers. Typically, tang fish are very beautiful and come in a variety of amazingly bright colors – everything ranging from fluorescent yellow to … Read more

What Do Gobies Eat?

What Do Gobies Eat?

Having a new member of your small reef tank ecosystem is always exciting. Without a doubt, you’ll look at how it fits with others and how it behaves in certain situations. Recently, Gobies became one of the most sought-after species by enthusiasts from all over the globe. They are one of the most easily-adapted fishes … Read more

Pintail Fairy Wrasse Care

Pintail Fairy Wrasse Care

Pintail fairy wrasses are one of the latest additions many people are incorporating into their aquariums. More and more, they are becoming available. They span a range of colors that include yellow, orange, and pink. They’re excellent at hunting prey and they have some cool yet quirky habits. They have an easy temperament and aren’t … Read more

What Do Dragon Face Pipefish Eat?

What do dragon face pipefish eat?

Dragon face pipefish, or Messmate Pipefish, are long, sleek aquatic creatures with a similar shape to snakes or eels. They are much smaller though, only reaching seven to eight inches in length. They have faces that look like dragons with a long snout, hence their name. If you’re thinking about owning one of these cute, … Read more

Black Storm Clownfish Care

Black Storm Clownfish Care

Whether you’re new to keeping an aquarium at home or you’ve got a populated fish tank, you might consider adding to the mix. Black Storm Clownfish care is very easy and they’re generally a good addition to any aquarium. Some things you might want to know are how big they can get and what housing … Read more