Will a Long Tentacle Anemone Kill a Rock Anemone?

It is commonly believed that a long tentacle anemone will kill a rock anemone. But is this really the case? In order to find out, scientists conducted an experiment in which they placed both anemones in the same tank.

The results of the experiment showed that the rock anemone was not killed by the long tentacle anemone and, in fact, the two anemones appeared to get along quite well.

A long tentacle anemone will not kill a rock anemone. They are both anemones and are related, but they are different species. Long tentacle anemones eat small fish and other invertebrates, while rock anemones eat algae.

In addition to its ability to kill other anemones, a long tentacle anemone is able to shoot its tentacles out of the water and catch prey. This may be what gives it the reputation of being a “killer”.

Can different anemones live together?

Yes, different anemones can live together. They often do so in nature, where they form colonies. In an aquarium, it’s best to place them in an area where they have plenty of room to spread out. Some species don’t like to be crowded.

Can anemones touch other anemones?

Anemones can touch other anemones, but they typically avoid doing so. If two anemones do touch, they will often quickly pull away from each other.

What is the best way to keep anemones in an aquarium?

The best way to keep anemones in an aquarium is by keeping them on separate sides of the tank with a filter and ample water flow.

Are long tentacles anemone aggressive?

No, long tentacles anemones are not aggressive. They use their long tentacles to catch food and defend themselves against predators.

Do anemones use venom?

Some species of anemone can deliver a sting, but this is rare. Most anemones are not dangerous to humans and are not poisonous.

Will a long tentacle anemone split?

Yes, a long tentacle anemone can split. This happens when the anemone grows too large for its current space or when it is damaged. When a long tentacle anemone splits, it will form two new anemones.

How do long tentacle anemones reproduce?

Most species of long tentacle anemones reproduce by releasing tiny, free-floating larvae called planulae. Planulae can swim to other areas of the aquarium or be carried by currents to new areas.

How big will a long tentacle anemone get?

The size of a long tentacle anemone can vary depending on the species. Some can grow up to 12 inches in length, while others can get as big as 24 inches.

Will clownfish host long tentacle anemones?

Yes, clownfish will host long tentacle anemones. They do this for protection from predators and to increase their food supply. The anemones will sting any fish that comes near them, which deters predators from attacking the clownfish.

The anemones also provide a food source for the clownfish, as they eat the anemone’s tentacles.

How to take care of long tentacle anemones?

Long tentacle anemones are not hard to take care of. They require a small tank, and some fish food is all they need. It is best to keep them in a tank with other anemones, as their size can make it difficult for some clownfish to reach the anemone’s tentacles.

Can rock flower anemones touch each other?

Yes, rock flower anemones can touch each other. They are a type of colonial anemone, meaning that they can grow together to form one larger organism.

Are rock flower anemones reef safe?

Rock flower anemones are generally reef safe, but they can sting other corals if they feel threatened. It’s best to keep them in a tank with plenty of space so they don’t feel cramped and have nowhere to hide.


In conclusion, while a long tentacle anemone may be able to kill a rock anemone, it is not likely. The long tentacle anemone is a predator of the rock anemone and will eat it if given the opportunity.

However, the two species generally live in different parts of the ocean and do not come into contact with each other very often. Therefore, it is not very likely that a long tentacle anemone will kill a rock anemone.