ASD Rainbow Milli Care, Placement, Feeding, and Water Conditions

ASD Rainbow Milli Acropora coral are beautiful additions to any reef tank. They are low-spreading, peaceful coral that are gaining in popularity.

ASD Rainbow Milli coral has neon green polyps (the tiny organisms that make up coral) and bright orange corallites (the skeleton of the polyps). What makes this type of Acropora unique is that they have very long polyps, creating a rising and falling visual effect, which can be pleasing to watch.

If you are new to taking care of Acropora corals, you are in the right spot. This article discusses care and proper placement of ASD Rainbow Milli coral in your tank.

Are ASD Rainbow Milli Acropora corals easy to take care of?

ASD Rainbow Milli Acropora are fairly easy to take care of. Since they are Acropora coral, they are harder to take care of than other kinds.

If you are a beginner, ASD Rainbow Milli coral can be tricky. Once you learn the basics of aquarium corals, you can take care of various types of coral, including ASD Rainbow Milli.

Coral placement

The best placement for this Acropora coral is near the top of the tank so it can get a lot of light and water flow.

Using IC gel glue or putty, mount your ASD Rainbow Milli to a ledge in your tank where your coral can get direct flow and light. Keep in mind that ASD Rainbow Milli coral needs space to grow.

Since this type of coral grows in diameter rather than upward, meaning they have low spreading growth, they need plenty of room to spread.

What should I feed my ASD Rainbow Milli Acropora?

It is best to feed your coral Oyster-Feast, Roti-Feast, or a combination of both.

Consider target feeding your ASD Rainbow Milli. Target feeding refers to placing coral food such as Oyster-Feast right next to the coral. This ensures that your coral can get the food before the flow of water blows it around your tank.

How do I target feed my Acropora?

To target feed your acropora coral or other types of coral, mix coral food and water in a feeding stick or turkey baster and squirt the coral directly.

Why should I target feed my Acropora?

Target feeding helps the coral get the food it needs without wasting food. It also keeps the nitrate and phosphate levels low.

What lighting does ASD Rainbow Milli Acropora need?

To maintain the color of your ASD Rainbow Milli Acropora, make sure it is getting enough bright light. Moderate to high levels of lighting will help your coral with its growth and coloration.

There are plenty of light options that will work for your coral, such as LEDs, T5’s, and Metal Halides. For the best coloration, use a 14-20K color spectrum.

What level of water flow does this Acropora need?

ASD Rainbow Milli Acropora need moderate to high water flow.

Water flow, or current, is essential when it comes to taking care of corals. The water flow level in your tank affects your corals’ nutrient absorption, gas exchange (oxygen and carbon dioxide), toxin expulsion, and bleach prevention (from the direct light).

What water conditions are best for ASD Milli Acropora coral?

Water temperature should be between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit for this coral. PH levels should be between 8.1 and 8.4. Water density, or specific gravity, should be between 1.024 and 1.026.

When taking care of ASD Milli Acropora, you must maintain water chemistry levels. Calcium levels should be between 420 and 440 ppm. Magnesium levels should be between 1260 and 1350 ppm.

Alkalinity levels should be between 8 and 9.5. If you are carbon dosing (adding carbon to your tank), alkalinity levels should be between 7 and 8.

Keep nitrates below 10ppm and phosphates below 0.1 ppm for best results. If nitrate levels rise to more than 10ppm, do a water change. When phosphate levels rise to more than 0.1 ppm, replace your phosphate media.

To keep the levels of your aquarium constant, use a dosing pump. Dosing pumps are automatic, so you do not have to manually add calcium, magnesium, etc.

Are ASD Rainbow Milli Acropora aggressive?

No, this corals are not aggressive. They have a peaceful temperament.

Corals are categorized into three levels of aggression: peaceful, semi-aggressive, and aggressive.

Peaceful species such as the ASD Rainbow Milli do not pose a threat to other organisms in your tank. This does not include over-growing them. Coral in this category do not have stinging cells and do not release chemicals or toxins.

Semi-aggressive corals do have stinging and toxin-releasing capabilities. While coral in this category sting or release chemicals, they will not outright attack another coral, fish, or other organisms in your tank.

Aggressive coral can cause harm to other organisms in your aquarium. Some coral have the ability to sting organisms inches away with their tentacles. Be careful when dealing with aggressive coral. They can inflict physical damage to other coral.

Growth rate

ASD Rainbow Milli coral grow fast, are relatively easy to take care of, and have beautiful colors. This makes them a great choice to add to your tank.

If you are looking to get into Acropora corals, Rainbow Milli coral may be the best place to start. They are easy to take care of compared to other Acropora.

In Summary

To get the most out of your coral, make sure it has plenty of bright lighting and a high level of water flow. To make sure your coral is healthy, it is important to keep your water chemistry levels stable at the proper levels.

There are other ways you can brighten the color of your coral or extend its polyps. This article is for the general care and placement of this type of coral. After you have learned the terms of coral care and know how to keep them alive, then you can try to change or brighten its coloration.

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