Aussie Gold Torch Care – Is It Easy to Keep? What Is the Survival Rate?

Aussie Gold Torches are a type of coral from the Euphyllia genus.  Often yellow, gold, or orange with violet tips, they have long tentacles stretching between two to four inches.  They’re beautiful, mysterious, and can prove to be a fantastic addition to any saltwater tank.

But, like with many other sea creatures, Aussie Gold Torches have specific care requirements.  Any upset or insult to their environment can cause them to get sick and send them to an early grave.

Are Aussie Gold Torches easy to keep?

Aussie Gold Torches are easy to keep but they are not for first-time keepers.  It is better to gain experience with a saltwater tank before adding one.  Because they are an endangered species, only experienced aquarists should handle them.

What is the survival rate of Aussie Gold Torches?

Even when an aquarist has the experience, Aussie Gold Torches can live for several months and die unexpectedly because of minor imbalances to the water parameters.  But, when conditions are right and in the wild, they can live for several years.  That said, due to the way they spawn and reproduce, they can live in perpetuity.

How fast do Aussie Gold Torches grow?

These corals are very slow to grow.  But over the course of several years can get quite large.  In captivity, some owners report Aussie Golds getting as big as eight inches in circumference.  In the wild, they can get as large as three feet.

What are the best water parameters for torch coral?

They come from the Indo-Pacific oceans around Australia and it’s important to mimic those conditions.  A very mature and well-established saltwater tank is best for Aussie Gold Torches.  There should also be a moderate to strong flow of water, but not a direct blast.

  • Alkalinity  –  2.86 to 3.93 MEQ/L (8 – 11 dKH)
  • Calcium – 420 to 440 parts per million (ppm)
  • Magnesium – 1260 to 1350ppm
  • pH balance – 8.1 to 8.4
  • Phosphates – zero
  • Salinity / Gravity – 1.023 to 1.025
  • Strontium – eight to 10 ppm
  • Temperature – 75°F to 80°F (24°C to 27°C)

What do torch corals eat?

Aussie Gold Torches do not have immediate food requirements and rely primarily on photosynthesis.  However, it is advisable that aquarists feed them a meaty mix of food with a feeding filter or a baster-like tool. 

They will consume things like fish, brine shrimp, Mysis, and other plankton through their tentacles.  But, they usually get nutrients from the symbiotic zooxanthellae that reside within its tissues.

How much light does a torch coral need?

These types of corals require moderate but rich blue LED lighting between 150 to 200 watts.  Because their natural habitat is in the deeper and more turbid parts of the ocean, they shouldn’t have full, bright light. 

When illumination is right, it emphasizes their brilliant colors and gives it an almost fluorescent effect.  If they receive too much light, it can damage the coral’s tissues.  Therefore, do not use a metal halide lamp or other similar light.

What kinds of diseases or pests are common to Aussie Gold Torches?

If Aussie Gold Torches do not get enough water flow, they can suffer from brown jelly disease.  Also, they can contract bacterial infections with great alacrity.  They often contract infection when any of the polyps rip.  Eventually, they will turn brown or melt off and die.

Bubble Algae

Bubble algae are another pest that can become a serious problem for Aussie Gold Torches, or any coral for that matter.  This is because this kind of algae can suffocate most corals, resulting in death. 

Each algae bubble, about the size of a bead, has spores and when they pop, they begin to reproduce and penetrate the water.  Do not break the bubbles when removing them from a tank to prevent propagation.


Aiptasia is an anemone that can damage an Aussie Gold Torch and become a nightmare for any aquarium.  They reproduce with great ease, are resistant to changes in the water, and are difficult to get rid of.  They will nestle into and kill any coral while also damaging fish and dominating the tank.

Where do you put torch coral in a reef tank?

Aussie Gold Torches are aggressive and will attack other corals in the vicinity.  It’s important they have their own area far away enough from other specimens residing in the tank.  They can rest next to other Torch Corals, but they will wreak havoc on other varieties.

They like to be in the center and at the bottom of an aquarium while also receiving a fair amount of water flow.  It shouldn’t be too high because their polyps will tear and rip off.

Do Aussie Gold Torches close at night?

Like most Torch Corals, Aussie Golds will close at nighttime.  But, due to the low-light situation that occurs, many people report seeing the exposure of skeletal teeth.  This occurs for about an hour or two and will stretch their tentacles back out before light leaves for the day.  Even during a recession, the polyps stay healthy and fat although they are hardly visible.

However, if they often stretch out at night or appear translucent, it could be a sign they aren’t getting enough light during the day.  Stretching out at night also occurs because they are warring with nearby corals that aren’t the same species.

Aussie Gold Torch Corals in an Aquarium

These corals aren’t difficult to care for in theory.  But, they do have to have a perfect and mineral-rich environment in order to thrive, survive and grow.  Aussie Gold Torches should not be a part of someone just beginning to care for a saltwater aquarium. 

Someone with a little more experience and who is very meticulous about the tank is most advisable.  But when done right and the coral has everything it needs, Aussie Gold Torches can be a beautiful and amazing addition to an aquarium. 

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