Chicago Sunburst Anemone Care

What are Chicago sunburst anemones?

They are a particular type of sea anemone, named after the flower due to their colorful appearance. They are predatory and marine animals that are related to corals. They are invertebrates that live in tropical water, making the conditions for a home tank very important.

They are made up of a single polyp that attaches itself to a solid surface such as a rock. They are also made up of tentacles and a mouth through which they feed. 

The Chicago sunburst anemone is particular in its coloring, making it popular with both marine enthusiasts and home collectors for their aquarium. They are marbled in appearance, but this veining can come and go depending on the conditions in which it lives.

The color similarly depends on the water conditions and the lighting. For example, a typical Chicago sunburst anemone has green streaks up its tentacles, a pink to red tentacle head, and a small purple dot at the very extremity of the tentacle. Their particular shape means that they are a variety of “bubble tip” anemones.

Chicago sunburst anemone lineage

One of the most contented subjects when it comes to anemones is lineage. There have been many online debates about the validity of, and need for, lineages of anemones, but it is better to be safe than sorry!

Lineage means that you are able to trace your Chicago sunburst anemone back to the animal from which it originated. This essentially proves that you have the real deal and that you have not been scammed! 

Of course, there are ways to identify a real Chicago sunburst without the corresponding paperwork, such as by its distinctive colors. It comes in one of three color patterns: yellow, orange, or red. All three begin with a small blue disk with white spots which eventually change to green and continues up the tentacles.

Of course, it is possible to fake paperwork. So, if you are unsure you can always ask an expert or post a picture in an online forum for advice from other enthusiasts to ensure that you are not being robbed of your hard-earned money! After all, there’s no point paying for a fake when you could get the real thing instead.

Chicago sunburst anemone care

Chicago sunburst anemones are hardy creatures that require tropical conditions. Due to their venomous nature, it is best to place them in a location that gives them space from corals and other living things in your tank. This is so that they do not sting and kill them!

Three to five inches is a recommended amount of space, but note that they can move around the tank and so it is best to keep an eye on them. You don’t want them to be the only thing left in your tank!

Ideal conditions

The ideal tank conditions for the Chicago sunburst anemone are a water temperature of 78 degrees with a salinity of 1.025. This ensures that you are replicating their natural wild environment, giving them ideal conditions in which to live and grow. For those of you wishing to know the explicit details of ideal conditions they are the following:

These levels will ensure that your Chicago sunburst anemone has the best environment possible outside of its natural habitat. A healthy Chicago sunburst anemone will be very striking and add a lovely pop of color and elegance to what can otherwise be a rather boring home aquarium.

Ensuring that you give it the proper conditions and environment will mean that you have not wasted what can sometimes be quite a lot of money on an anemone. A healthy anemone is a happy and beautiful anemone! 

In terms of food, they require feeding once a week. They will happily eat a variety of different meats, such as shrimp. In order to feed your anemone please use a feeding stick to place the food on the tentacles. Remember that they are venomous and we don’t want you getting stung! 

Other than this, the Chicago sunburst anemone is quite robust. As long as you provide it with the right conditions, it will thank you through its display of stunning colors and exquisite shape. As long as you provide it with enough space, food, and light then it will make a wonderful addition to your home aquarium.

Problems with Chicago sunburst anemones

The main issue with Chicago sunburst anemones is that they are venomous. Although they make look simply like beautifully colorful and decorative plants they are indeed living creatures with an appetite!

This means that they have adapted to use their tentacles to catch their prey. They do so through the venom which they use to paralyze their prey, making it much easier to fish for their dinner! 

Another problem with Chicago sunburst anemones is that they can move! Unlike corals, which you can place meticulously in your home aquarium to achieve your desired look, Chicago sunburst anemones can, and will, move! Don’t rely on them to stay put, they’re fussy and hungry. They will do as they please. 

Chicago sunburst anemone prices

The Chicago sunburst anemone is a pricey addition to your home tank. This is before you consider the lighting and water requirements and the food needed each week just to keep them alive.

They are definitely an investment, but if you are truly an enthusiast with the dedication, time, and money then they will make a delightful addition to your stunning home aquarium.

As stated above a certificate of lineage can often accompany your chosen anemone, but this can come with an added cost. Make sure to do your own research into the size, shape, and color anemone that you desire to make sure that you will not be scammed.

A real Chicago sunburst anemone is an expensive creature to add to your home tank, but one that, when authentic, is definitely worth it.

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