PC Rainbow Acro Care, Placement, and Lighting

PC Rainbow Acropora coral makes great additions to any reef tank. The deep red and gold colors of this Acropora make it unique. Some PC Rainbow coral show pink and green coloration.

This article is a how-to guide to taking care of PC Rainbow Acropora coral. Taking care of coral can be challenging at first, but once you get the hang of it you can take care of any type of coral.

What is the best placement for PC Rainbow Acropora?

You should put your PC Rainbow Acropora coral in the middle or upper part of your tank. It should be in a place where it receives direct water flow and moderate light.

What should I feed my PC Rainbow coral?

You should feed your PC Rainbow coral Oyster-Feast, Roti-Feast, or a combination of both. You should also consider target feeding your coral. Target feeding your coral allows them to grab the food before it gets blown around the tank.

You can feed your coral foods like Zooplankton, Phytoplankton, Detritus, and Amino Acids. To make sure they are getting enough food, stop your circulation pumps before feeding them daily. This ensures they grab enough food before it gets circulated around the rest of your tank.

Do not feed your PC Rainbow coral copepods, artemia, or other nauplii. They are not small enough for your coral to ingest.

Adding dissolved organic matter to your tank can also benefit your corals.

Should I target feed my coral?

Yes, you should target feed your PC Rainbow coral. This refers to mixing food and water in a feeding stick or turkey baster and squirting it near your coral. This will waste less food and keep nitrate and phosphate levels low.

What lighting do PC Rainbow coral need?

PC Rainbow coral need moderate lighting to thrive. To maintain the color of your PC Rainbow coral, keep PAR between 250 and 350.

As long as you are maintaining proper PAR levels, you can use LEDs, T5’s, or Metal Halides to light your tank. Keep your color spectrum between 14 and 20K to keep your coral healthy and bright.

How much PAR?

PAR, or Photosynthetic Active Radiation, in an aquarium, refers to the amount and intensity of light. Your corals must have the right amount of PAR in order to thrive.

For best results, keep PAR between 300 and 400 for your PC Rainbow coral.

What water flow does PC Rainbow coral need?

That acropora coral need moderate to high water flow to thrive.

What water conditions are best for PC Rainbow coral?

To keep your healthy, make sure you have the proper levels of chemicals in your tank and that the levels remain stable.

Keep your tank’s temperature between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and the pH between 8.1 and 8.4. Water density, or specific gravity, should be between 1.024 and 1.026.

Calcium levels should be between 420 and 440 ppm. Magnesium levels should be between 1260 and 1350 ppm. The alkalinity of your tank should be kept between 8 and 9.5 dKH.

Nitrate levels in your tank should be lower than 10ppm, and phosphate levels should be lower than .10ppm. If nitrate levels get higher than 10ppm, you should do a water change. If phosphate levels get higher than .10 ppm, change your phosphate media.

If you are having problems keeping your phosphate levels steady, consider using a media reactor, or phosphate reactor. Media reactors regulate the filtration of chemicals in aquariums and can fluidize your phosphate media.

How can I keep the chemistry in my aquarium balanced?

The easiest way to keep your chemistry levels constant and at the correct levels is to use a dosing pump. Dosing pumps automatically add the right amount of each chemical, so you do not have to manually add things like calcium and magnesium.

Instead of adding these elements to your tank yourself a few times a week, your dosing pump can add them automatically many times throughout the week. Your tank will benefit more from smaller, more frequent additives rather than larger, less frequent additives. It also takes some stress off of you by automatically regulating your tank.

Are PC Rainbow coral easy to take care of?

While Acropora corals are harder to take care of than other corals, PC Rainbow coral are relatively easy to take care of. If you already know how to take care of coral, it will not be too much of a challenge to add PC Rainbow coral to your tank.

Are PC Rainbow coral aggressive?

No, PC Rainbow Acropora are not aggressive. They are peaceful coral that do not have stinging or chemical-releasing capabilities.

Peaceful coral will not physically attack other coral or organisms in your tank. However, they may over-grow them.

Semi-aggressive corals do possess stinging and toxin-releasing capabilities but will usually not outright attack other organisms.

Some corals are aggressive. This means they can sting or release chemicals to attack other organisms. If you are planning to add aggressive coral to your aquarium, make sure you give them plenty of room to grow and keep them away from other coral.

Why isn’t my PC Rainbow coral healthy?

There are many reasons your PC Rainbow coral may not be thriving. Check if it is getting enough of the right lighting, the right water flow, and the right food. Also, check your water levels to make sure they are correct.

If your PC Rainbow coral is not doing as well as you would like, give it time to acclimate to your tank. It may take a while for your coral to get used to its new environment.

PC Rainbow Acropora can be a great addition to any tank. This type of coral has branches made of corallites that will extend as long as they are undisturbed. If it detects a threat or a nearby predator, it will retract its branches and hide.

Even if you are new to coral, it is fairly easy to take care of them. Don’t let the terms and vocabulary confuse you. If you are interested in adding coral to your tank, a PC Rainbow coral could be a perfect choice.