Frogspawn Coral and Hammer Coral – Differences Between These Corals

Hammer coral and Frogspawn coral are both types of LPS, which means that they are both large polyp stony coral. However, they have different appearances and come from different regions. Keep reading to learn more about these two types of corals!

Hammer corals originate from the Australian region and are characterized by their green and pink polyps that stick out in several rows like small hammers.

Frogspawn corals are found in the Caribbean region and are characterized by their round, green polyps spread across the colony. They were named after the appearance of frog eggs.

Both Hammer and frogspawn corals are easy to find as both of them are commonly available in most online retailers such as Liveaquaria.

Both Hammer and Frogspawn corals have similar appearances. However, there are some differences between Hammer corals and Frogspawn corals. The main difference is the shape of their polyps.

Key Differences

A saltwater aquarium is an aquarium that keeps marine corals and animals in a salty, seawater environment. Hammer coral and frogspawn coral are types of saltwater reef tank corals.

Hammer corals, also known as anchor coral, have a foot-shaped stem to which the polyps attach, whereas frogspawn corals have a ball-shaped stem. Frogspawn also has more branches than Hammer does, so it takes up more space and has fewer polyps overall on each branch than Hammer does.


Hammer corals have green or neon metallic color with a brownish tint and often you can buy this coral in about 11 inches (30 cm). They are also characterized by their polyps that stick out in several rows like small hammers.

Frogspawn corals have a green tint and range from about 4 inches (10 cm) to up to 9 inches (23 cm). They are also characterized by their round, green polyps that are spread across the colony.


It is usually beneficial to keep one or two types of coral in your tank so that each type can create its diverse ecosystem. There are a few other ways to help the corals thrive and survive, such as maintaining the pH and water quality using your reef’s water parameters tool.

Both Hammer corals and Frogspawn corals need moderate temperatures. Both corals can thrive in water at 72-78°F.


Both corals need medium to strong lighting to thrive in the reef aquariums, but they also need a good substrate to provide them with nutrients for fast growth. Moderate light is needed for proper Frogspawn coral treatment. They will bleach if exposed to bright light, and they will die if exposed to dim light.

Frogspawn can survive in lower light conditions because they live in holes in the rock. This makes frogspawn coral perfect for tanks with low lighting. They are also excellent beginner corals because they are easy to care for and do not have a strong odor or look as intimidating as Hammer corals.


Hammer Coral is a species of hard stony corals that belongs to the family Euphylliidae. This particular species gets its name from its resemblance to hammer when they extend across the reef. They grow in colonies and can be found in various colors that range from green, green-metallic, purple, pink, and brown. In captivity, they may take on even more colors due to their lighting.

Frogspawn Coral: Frogspawn coral is a species of stony coral belonging to the family Clavulariidae. This coral species gets its name from its resemblance to the heads of small frogs seen at the bottom of ponds during spring and summer. They get their name from their soft, fleshy tentacles that hang just below them. These corals can be found in colors ranging from white to dark blue and occasionally purple. In captivity, they may take on even more colors due to their lighting.

Coral Polyps

Hammer corals can be recognized by their large polyps that can be over two inches in length, like floating jellyfish, which spin together at irregular intervals. They are green or light pink/purple and have hammer-shaped tips.

Frogspawn corals are coral polyps that resemble frogs or tadpoles. They do not tend to spin like Hammer, but rather they lie on their sides at irregular intervals just below the water’s surface. Frogspawn corals can grow anywhere from an inch to four inches, depending on their environment and diet. They are named for their frog-like appearance.


Hammer coral and frogspawn coral are different saltwater reef tank corals. They look very different and have almost the same requirements. You put both of them together in the same tank, the tank will support both types of corals.

It is best to buy the appropriate type for your specific coral. Your tank should be at least 100 gallons and have plenty of open swimming space. Lighting should be strong and consistent, especially in reef tanks that are to host Hammer coral. It would be best if you also had a good substrate so the polyps can receive nutrients to grow quickly.

They both thrive when they are in an environment with high oxygen levels, but Hammer corals need more oxygen, so they often come from deeper water than Frogspawn corals.

Hammer coral and frogspawn coral have different characteristics that make them unique from each other. They look very different and require almost the same environments to thrive.