WWC Yellow Tip Acro: Care, Acclimation, Water conditions & Feeding

WWC Yellow Tip Acro is a type of SPS coral. That means it is part of a species with a calcium carbonate skeleton and generally comes to mind when someone is creating their first aquarium. SPS corals are commonly referred to as true corals because they help build reefs.

It is important for the health of your WWC Yellow Tip Acro to be properly cared for. There is specific lighting, water chemistry, and feeding guidelines that you need to follow to ensure the longest life possible for this beautiful coral. Let’s take some time to discuss just what it is your Yellow Tip Acro needs from you.

Acclimating Your Acro Coral

Just like with the saltwater fish, your SPS corals need to be properly acclimated to their new environment. Acclimating should be done very carefully. SPS corals are sensitive to any change in the water chemistry, even if the changes are minor. By acclimating your coral, you are gradually introducing them to their new environment and water chemistry. 

There are two methods for acclimating your coral to its new home. The first method is called the floating method. To properly execute this method, you need to turn off your aquarium lights and dim any lights in the room that you are going to open the container. This relieves stress from the coral that it might experience from sudden bright light exposure.

Keep the coral in the sealed container and place it inside the aquarium for about 15 minutes. This will help the temperature of the water in the container slowly adjust to the temperature of the tank water. After fifteen minutes, open the container and add about half a cup of aquarium water. This will help the chemistry of the container match that of the aquarium.

Repeat the filling process until the container is full, adding more water every four minutes. You then need to pour out half of the water, float the container, and repeat the process. After the container has been filled the second time, you can take your coral out and mount it where you want it to live immediately. 

The second method for acclimating your coral is called the drip method. This method is said to be a little bit more advanced but is the most common way to acclimate extra sensitive species. You will need to buy a drip acclimation kit and you have to monitor the entire process. 

For the drip method, you will need to find a clean bucket that is at least 3 gallons and is designed only for aquarium usage. Just like the previous method, you will need to turn off the aquarium lights and dim the lights in the room. You will then float the sealed container for 15 minutes to adjust the temperature. 

Next, you will need to carefully empty the container out in the bucket you have. You need to be extra careful not to expose your coral to any air. The coral will need to be fully submerged by water the whole time. Set up the acclimation kit and run a siphon drip line from the aquarium to the bucket. 

You want the siphon to let out between two to four drips every second, making it so the volume of water in the bucket doubles every half hour. This process should only take about an hour to complete and your coral will be ready for its new environment.


When you place your WWC Yellow Tip Acro, it is important to mount it. You can do this with IC-Gel glue, putty, or a combination of the two. IC-Gel is perfect for mounting live coral in your aquarium because it has been proven to be non-toxic to aquatic organisms. 

One type of putty that you can use to mount your Yellow Tip Acro is a designated aquatic epoxy putty. This putty is also non-toxic to aquatic organisms, making it a great option to mount your coral. It is easy to use and will form a strong bond. 

Once you determine what you are going to use to mount your coral, you will need to decide where you want to mount it. It is recommended to place your coral on a rock or ledge in an area of the tank that has plenty of lighting and random water flow. 


The environment that the coral lives in is extremely important to its health. The chemistry and temperature of the water need to be as close to the Yellow Tip Acro’s natural habitat as possible. The temperature of the water should remain between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The chemistry of the water is just as important as the temperature. The space gravity (sg) needs to be between 1.025 and 1.027. The pH balance of the water should be between 8.1 and 8.4. The alkalinity should remain between 7.2 and 8.7.

The flow of the water is also important for your WWC Yellow Tip Acro. You should make sure you have a medium to high flow in your aquarium. These types of coral love to feel movement, so be sure to provide that for them.


The Yellow Tip Acro needs moderate to high light exposure. You should purchase a parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR) light that is between 250 and 400 PAR and is considered high output. This coral needs pretty intense lighting so it can maintain its beautiful color. LED, T5, and Metal Halides are all able to grow Yellow Tip Acro.

LED lights are the most common light used for the type of coral that your Yellow Tip Acro is. The reason being they do not put off very much heat, meaning this type of light won’t change the temperature of the water. LED lights also use less electricity than other lights available, and they have a longer life span, so you don’t need to replace them very often. 


When it comes to feeding your WWC Yellow Tip Acro, it likes a combination of different foods. The best foods include Zooplanktons, Detritus, Amino Acids, Phytoplankton, and other organic proteins. You should feed your coral every day with the circulation and return pumps turned off to make sure the coral consumes all of the nutrients they need from the food.


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